What is the Next Big Thing After Bitcoin?


The problem of cryptomarket.

Since its appearance, Bitcoin has grown several thousand times, but then it fell again. There are several reasons for this, which contributed to its growth and decline.

Bitcoin has grown thanks to:

- Demand for futures;

- The faith of the community in its growth;

Bitcoin does not grow because:

- Scalability problem;

- Low transaction speed;

- Lack of regulation;

- Greater volatility;

- The wallet can be lost.

As you can see, Bitcoin has a lot of problems that can not be provided to him quite widely. We can only assume that Bitcoin will remain the equivalent of "digital gold".

Since the arrival of Bitcoin and subsequent competing cryptocurrencies, more than nine years have elapsed. The market experienced significant changes due to natural causes.

Of course we cannot forecast Bitcoin price in future, but you can be sure that the price for it will change for a long time.

Token for the community?

The crypto community from the outset needs a cryptocurrency, through which each member of the community could send transfers without commissions. A convenient wallet with which you could transfer tokens to your friends and family quickly and without bank confirmation. Sounds pretty good, right?

Wooshcoin as a solution of a lot of problems.

First of all, let's start with the fact that Wooshcoin is the first decentralized blockbuster platform for the community. Where everyone can discuss, invite their friends and relatives, participate in the life of the project.

The geography of the project covers the whole world: the countries of North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

In its essence, Wooshcoin will be not just an altcoin, but a full system with its community and roadmap.


The Wooshcoin blockchain project was originally conceived as a service system that will improve the interaction of the whole community in a qualitative way. The community needs internal mutual settlements, which will not depend on Bitcoin. And all these needs must be fulfilled in the most transparent and profitable way.

Team members work all over the world. The Wooshcoin team includes the most experienced blockbuster programmers, crypto marketers and other experts in crypto-economics who are interested in creating an ambitious, high-quality and interesting project that can beat Bitcoin.

Also, the project has major partners - Crush Max, CG Boutique, GENZCO, CJ List

Token sale

Since the Wooshcoin block project is designed for a mass audience, it is very important to prove this with maximum transparency and legitimacy. The legal team of Wooshcoin presented various variants of the development of events and was able to create the most stable and safe system. After a token, in September, a listing is scheduled for one of the largest exchanges of the Ether Delta.

Prospects for Wooshcoin development

After the end of the token, Wooshcoin will appear in the listing on global crypto-exchange exchanges. Placement on the exchange is one of the marketing tools that allows them to expand the audience of the project. As you know, the value of any crypto currency is determined by the audience's interest in it and the real opportunities that the token gives. The functionality of the Wooshcoin project allows the cryptosystem community worldwide to exchange Wooshcoin instantly and without commissions.

It should be noted that the creators of the project succeeded in attracting not only experienced users of crypto currency, but also serious players. Therefore, they will use all advertising channels and try first of all to attract a new audience and tell about the advantages and simple ways of access to technologies.

According to the auditors' estimates, after the implementation of all components, Wooshcoin's capitalization may amount to about $ 1.5 billion. According to independent experts, in the future the capitalization of Wooshcoin can grow 10 times.


What should we wait? The market of cryptocurrencies is growing tremendously, and Wooshcoin has very high chances to take the leading positions after Bitcoin. For the community, this is an excellent opportunity to get into a new project with a well-marked in roadmap. In September, each of us will be able to see a new star - Wooshcoin.

Article by Lana- Poland